How Can Special Events Give Your Brand The WOW Factor

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A brand is a difficult concept to define. One simple way to describe it is the experience that customers have when they interact with you – the benefits, value and return on their investment.

Your brand does more than convey the identity of your business, it’s one of your biggest assets and has a value – defined in the concept of brand equity.

Events are the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, giving current and potential customers, or important stakeholders the opportunity to interact with you and to truly understand why you stand out from the crowd.

If managed well, events can help you to increase the presence, reach and perception of your brand, which in turn will deliver significant business benefits too. Here are five ways special events can give your brand the WOW factor:

1. Challenge perception

One of the most powerful ways to conceptualise your brand is to think of it as a person. Marketers have used it since the 80s.

Familiarity may not breed content among your customers, but they may begin to take you for granted.

A special event can help to challenge the way that people see your brand. If managed well, you can show your customers a whole different side to your organisation’s personality.

2. Short, snappy and funny

Kings of the presentation Apple have a few rules of thumb when it comes to events. Talks should last no longer than 10 minutes, make people laugh and be interactive. It’s a format they haven’t deviated from for over thirty years, and their brand is stronger as a result.

Your event should embody your business and help delegates form a positive impression of who you are and what you do and as such it will reinforce your key values.

3. Bring the message to life

BBC technology reporter Jane Wakefield claims that slide presentations belong to an ‘older, duller decade.” And she’s probably right.

Interactive elements like corporate videos can be a fantastic way to convey your message. Using LED screens you can help to present your message in crystal clear clarity with an aesthetic that quite literally can bring your message (and brand) to life in a way that captures the attention of your audience and leaves an indelible imprint in their minds about you.

They can also help to avoid the worst sin in the event world – death by Powerpoint.

4. Break down barriers

Events can sometimes become a corporate broadcast for your brand, but they don’t need to be. At Cleartech Live we use technology to help break down barriers, and get the audience engaged in the day.

Our market leading Turning Technology can help your visitors ask questions and share their views during the event, providing you with real-time feedback and data that can be used as part of your the post-event PR activity (the media love up-to-the-minute statistics!). It can even be linked to social media, extending the reach of your message beyond the event space.

5. Engage customers, inspire staff

There’s a natural tendency for events to focus solely on your customers. It’s understandable; after all they’re the ones with the purchasing power.

However, events can play an important part in inspiring your staff too. They can help share your vision for the business, challenging their perception of the brand and potentially reigniting their passion for your organisation; thereby consolidating your position as an employer of choice and giving staff an added reason to want to stay and pursue their long-term career with you.

Our objective is to enable you to create an experience that exceeds the expectations of your audience. Whatever your business or your brand Cleartech Live can help you achieve the WOW factor for your event.

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