You’ve spent countless hours planning your event, worrying over every detail of the agenda and the logistics. But your event still isn’t attracting the sort of numbers you want. So what’s the problem?


The reason is that because there are so many events out there, you need to stand out. Your event needs to offer something your competitors don’t, and a compelling reason for people to attend.


Here we take a look at five innovative ideas and events that stand out from the crowd and more importantly, what you can learn from them.


1. TED talks


Since 1984 TED talks have been disrupting and subverting the way events are delivered. They’re playful, direct and straight to the point.


TED talks always start with a proposition or a position, which the expert speaker explores. The talks are short (less than 18 minutes), informative and engaging with the presenter encouraged to find innovative ways to express their point.


You may not want to entirely embrace the TED philosophy, but there is a lot you can learn – and borrow – from the TED school of event management. Just ask Apple.


2. Multi-channel experiences


As Twitter celebrates its tenth birthday and Facebook continues its relentless march to take over the planet, it’s clear that social media isn’t going anywhere.


Mike Walker, Head of Content Marketing at Eventbrite UK believes one of the biggest ways to engage your audience is through mobile, where “organisers offer the same brand experience across multiple devices as well as offline.”


Twitter walls, interactive Twitter chats and social media interaction through Facebook and Instagram are just some of the ways you can use technology to improve the reach of your event.


But it doesn’t stop there. Live-blogs can help to keep people engaged during the event, with quickly captured films uploaded to YouTube keeping people involved. If you’re investing in technology then make sure your visitors engage too, sharing hashtags (#) and contributing to the dialogue (#eventprofs being the most popular in our sector!).


3. Individual Interaction


If you’re engaging social media, you’ve made a commitment to involve your audience. Sometimes of course, it may not be appropriate to broadcast to the wider internet.


At Cleartech Live we use a variety of systems that can help you engage with your audience, including market leading Turning Technologies. Your delegates can share their views, vote in polls and genuinely become part of the event.


4. Scintillating Speakers


At the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s recent conference, attendees were able to hear from the US Vice President Joe Biden who spoke about his personal experiences of the disease and the recently launched ‘moonshot’ initiative to tackle cancer.


OK your chances of recruiting a US Vice President to speak at your event may be slim, but it’s worth investing in a speaker, or speakers, that will appeal to and resonate with your audience.


However, don’t just book them to speak on a topic they’re comfortable with. Take some of the TED spirit and challenge them to come up with something new, interesting and exciting. Or to argue a point that they feel strongly about.


5. Focus on creating memories


Describing why he entered the industry, event manager Jonathan Schultz is clear that it’s all about creating a legacy. Speaking to Event Management magazine, he said: “What excited me the most is being in the privileged position of creating memories which people carry with them.”


Schultz and colleagues take a guerilla approach to ‘events’, creating experiences that last in the memory of those who are there to see them.


It’s not all brands and organisations that can – or would want to – take such an extreme approach, but it’s about learning from those at the cutting edge and finding innovative ways to use static space to convey a message, creating a positive brand impression and a lasting memory.


It’s our job to help brands, businesses and organisations realise their event vision. We’re work with you to plan and deliver events that challenge and reward your delegates and ultimately create an experience that leaves them with a positive impression of you and your organisation’s brand.






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